We Invite you to Join the Midwest Jewelers Association

The Midwest Jewelers Association (representing Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin JA) is the regional retail jewelers association headquartered in Madison, WI.  With over 110 years of rich history, the Association promotes the “Voice of the Jewelry Industry” through consumer awareness. The association incorporates the best jewelry resources and practices to promote the integrity of its members.

“Be a part of an association working for Retail Jewelers”

Annual membership, first store.....................$189.00

Each additional store.....................................$109.00

Your dues are 75% deductible as a business expense!

Membership Application - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Sales Reps and/or Associates

Membership Includes: All communications sent to regular members including newsletters, emails and Security Alerts. You will be listed as an MJA member. As a corporate member, your company will appear on our website with a direct link to your website*. An extensive list of membership benefits can be found on our website.

Corporate Member* $250.00 | Sales Rep $169.00 | Associates (Bench Jeweler, Supplier, Watchmaker, Individual, Retirees) $129.00

Annual Membership Application

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