Membership Benefits

Enjoy these exclusive member benefits by being part of this elite group of jewelers. Are there additional benefits you would like the association to consider? Let us know!


NEW Midwest Jewelers Association Facebook Group

Join The NEW Midwest Jewelers Association Facebook Group at  This is a community page for members and interested industry professionals to come together as a group to find information, post information, ask questions, help other jewelers who have questions – Jewelers Joining Jewelers.  Stay Connected!


Security First! Alerts

Through Security First! Alerts, MJA members are notified immediately when a crime or robbery is committed in our region.  Through the Jewelers Security Alliance we also keep members aware of crimes in other states.


Newsletter and Email Service

You are kept current on all industry matters affecting your operations through periodic newsletters and emails.


Scholarship Program

The Midwest Jewelers Association is proud to offer a scholarship program to all members. These scholarships can be used on GIA lab courses that MJA hosts every year in Neenah WI. For a full listing of upcoming lab classes, see our "GIA Lab Classes" drop down below.  


GIA Lab Classes

MJA brings members 1-2 GIA lab classes a year, which are hosted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. Members enjoy the convenience of attending these classes without the added expense of traveling to the east or west coast.


MJA Membership Listing

Find your MJA association at  All MJA members are listed on the website under the heading “Find A Member”.  Many consumers use this information when trying to locate a jeweler in a certain area.  Get your store listed as a trusted member of MJA.


Alice in Dairyland Program

The Midwest Jewelers Association is and always has been proud to support Wisconsin and its Alice in Dairyland Representatives by donating to the State of Wisconsin the tiara she wears during her reign. Since 1984, the Wisconsin Jeweler’s Association has recognized Alice in Dairyland as a significant voice for Wisconsin and partnered with the program to improve her impact and visibility. We have had the honor of not only designing and creating the crown but also a brooch which can be worn in situations where the crown is not appropriate. The idea was to design the crown and brooch with gemstones that could be found in Wisconsin. At the end of her reign each year Alice receives an amethyst pendant which represents the center stone in the tiara she wore. The Midwest Jewelers Association maintains the tiara and brooch and creating of the pendant


Tiara Program

The MJA is able to provide tiara’s to our members at a significantly reduced rate to use for local events where a tiara is appropriate.  Contact the MJA office for more information.



Your Association is always looking for ways to help you improve your bottom line and we think Podium is a great way to improve your business. It’s no secret that consumers have changed in the past 5-10 years. At Podium, they look for these changes and help jewelers grow with the idea that quality and convenience wins every time. Podium exists to modernize the way business happens locally. Podium helps businesses to (1) get found, by improving local search rankings, (2) get connected, by making customer interactions modern and convenient, and (3) get chosen, because reviews significantly impact purchase decisions. By implementing Podium, it has not been uncommon for a jeweler to see a 6% increase in annual revenue, 20 new reviews per month, and an average Google star rating of 4.6. MJA members receive a discount for signing up with Podium. For more information, contact Jason Whittingham, Regional Sales Director, at 801.960.6451 or email at Get more information at



We have chosen to partner with FIS due to their integrity and reputation in the Banking Industry. They are a Fortune 300 Company with over 50 years of experience as a leading provider of banking and payments technologies. FIS understands that MJA members are busy operating their businesses. They will provide you with the opportunity to save money on your merchant costs, while ensuring you are using the equipment that will qualify you for the best possible rates in the industry.


Extended Services and Programs

FedEx Jewelry Shipping Program

Allows members to save on select FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping services.  Eligible shippers may also be able to take advantage of FedEx Declared  Value Exception to declare a high value at a reduced rate on eligible FedEx Express shipments.  A reduced rate on eligible international shipments is also available..

Government Affairs

The MJA provides Legislative and Employment Law Updates and information on all issues affecting retailers with news of bills, legislation and policy in the assembly and senate and political races.

Retail Financial Services

This program offers members monthly accounting, payroll processing and tax preparation at significantly reduced prices.  Retail Financial Services was founded by hardware dealers many years ago and we are happy to bring this cost-saving benefit to the retail jewelry industry.

Employee Policy Manual

The MJA, through their friends at the Midwest Hardware Association, provides an up-to-date, comprehensive Employee Policy Manual program that maintains your status as an Employer-At-Will.  This manual incorporates multiple choices of policy issues.  You can subscribe to this service and customize your manual to your exact needs at a significantly reduced price.

Jewelers Mutual

Jewelers Mutual was founded by jewelers more than 100 years ago and remains the leading insurer dedicated exclusively to insuring jewelry and the jewelry industry. Jewelry businesses receive world-class insurance protection as well as information and services created specifically for their safety, security, and success. In addition, special programs designed around Jewelers Mutual’s personal jewelry insurance help retail jewelers not only build long-lasting customer relationships but also earn additional income from their customers’ claim-related repair or replacement work.

Retail Minded Magazine

As a valued member of the MJA, we provide members with a quarterly digital subscription to Retail Minded Magazine.  The publication delivers news, education and support for the entire lifestyle of merchants.  Tips and webinars are also available to all members.

Other Affiliations

A prime factor in the success of MJA has been the close working relationship with local associations, chambers of commerce and Jewelers of America. Through these local groups, MJA is able to maintain an accurate reading of the statewide business climate and then act accordingly.

In cooperation with Jewelers for Children and Make-A-Wish, MJA engages its members in their mission of helping children in need . As a legacy charity for JFC, Make-A-Wish offers the unique ability to outreach to local jewelers. With JFC and Make-A-Wish, more than 1,300 children with life-threatening medical conditions have been granted wishes. Through support from our members and other jewelers and manufacturers, JFC has donated more than $8 million to wish kids across the country.