Home invasion - Platteville, WI


Platteville, WI - February 2, 2018

The home invasion occurred sometime between Friday February 2 and Saturday February 10. The front door was kicked in and 2 safes were broken into. Victim was a retired jeweler who was out of town at the time. It is suspected the home was targeted.

Men’s and women’s fine pre-owned estate and vintage jewelry was taken -rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. and a quantity of loose diamonds 1/3 ct or less and semi-precious stones. A lifetime collection of over 60 years.

Also taken was a large inventory of silver coinage. Well organized in coin tubes - dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars and commemoratives. Two 100 ounce silver bars. A vintage pocket watch collection of almost 100 pieces in gold, silver, coin silver and gold filled.

Any information, contact the Platteville Police Department. 608-348-2313. Detective Andrea Droessler, or contact MJA at mja@midwestjewelersassociation.com.

Attached is an inventory of items.


  • 14 Karat White Gold Omega Chain, 6mm wide, 17” with a 14 karat white gold free-form pendant slider containing an .85 carat round brilliant cut diamond.

  • 14 Karat Yellow Gold 10-12mm wide, high polished Omega Chain, 17” (wide/heavy)

  • 14 Karat Yellow Gold Wire Collar with a $5.00 Indian Head Coin in a bezel pendant

  • 18 Karat White Gold (large-oversize) Antique Cameo Brooch

  • Gold-filled Antique Bow Motif Brooch with faceted citrine stones (This could have been a “signed” manufacture piece)

  • 18 Karat White Gold Vintage Circle Pin featuring a row of square cut very dark blue sapphires and a row of round diamonds, approximately 1 carat total weight.

  • 14 Karat Yellow Gold Jewelers Eye Loupe on a 30” 14 karat yellow heavy link chain.


  • Men's 14 Karat Yellow gold, tank style wrist watch with champagne dial. It may or may not have had a black leather band on it


Assorted sizes and quantity of loose diamonds. The largest size would have been approximately 1/3 carat, ¼ carats, .15-.10 carats. Most notably there were several matched pairs of trillion shape, marquise and pear shape diamonds. Assorted sizes, quantity and shapes of loose colored gemstones. Mixture of precious and semi-precious.

PRE-OWNED USED JEWELRY (estimated 200-300 pieces)

  • Purchased as scrap or at auctions and estate sales.

  • 10-14 Karat Gold and Sterling

Rings (men's and ladies), earrings, bracelets, pendants and gold chains. (There were many diamond cut solid gold chains of assorted lengths)

POCKET WATCHES (75 to 100 Timepieces)

Notably large collection of assorted sizes antique pocket watches. *Many were solid 14 karat yellow gold. Several sterling silver and coin silver. *Some were gold-filled. *Assorted American Made Manufactures: ELGIN, WALTHAM, HAMILTON, ILLINOIS etc.

SILVER (.999 TO .900) BARS and COINS

Quantity of 2 100 Troy Ounces of Silver Bars (one appearing older than other)

Large quantity of (.900 silver content) coins 1964 and older

Dimes (Barber, Mercury, Roosevelt)

Quarters (Barber, Standing Liberty, Washington)

Half Dollars (Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy(1964) (1965-1970)40%

Peace Dollars

Morgan Dollars

Silver Eagles

Large quantity of (.999 fine silver) assorted Commemorative coin/medals in assorted sizes and shapes.

Notable: This collection was well organized mostly in coin tubes or plastic shields. Gallon size zip lock bags held denomination collections.

*ESTIMATED VALUE of total silver bars and coins could be between $15,000-$20,000 liquidation value on today's market. (Basis market price of $16.16 a troy ounce on 2/9/18)


  • 1 Large zip-lock bag of scrap silver material

  • 1 Medium sip-lock bag of scrap goldfilled material

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