Same Attempt - Better Photo - Germantown, WI


Regarding the last two Security Alerts that were sent in the past two weeks, attached is a better close-up of the person involved. This was taken from Kessler’s Diamond Center in Germantown, WI. Make sure your staff is informed about this case as no one has been apprehended nor arrested. He is still hitting jewelry stores.

THEY ARE STILL AT IT! The Security Alert we sent last week is still a viable one (see below). These same people just walked into Gold & Diamond Design in Kenosha, WI. The jeweler was able to capture their license plate number: 250YTM, gray Nissan Pathfinder (they backed their car into a stall in front of the store). They said they wanted to look at their cheapest engagement rings and hoped they were less expensive than the Kay Jewelers across the street. The jeweler did not open a jewelry case and told them they would be more expensive. Eventually they left.


These two inventory items were purchased with a fraudulent charge card on the evening of December 20, 2017 between 6:00-6:15pm from TQ Diamond in Madison from same person below.

Please contact TQ Diamonds if you see these items. This customer has also scammed other jewelry stores in the area! Be proactive and don’t let yourself fall into the same situation!


I wanted to let you know Gruno's Diamonds in Madison, WI had this person named Warren Williams in last night 12/20/17 attempting to purchase a Rolex last night at around 4:45pm

Here’s the short and sweet:

  • Black male with tattoos- a cross on his forehead and hands and arms.

  • Drove up, backed in, no front plates-Nissan Gray - Schoepp Motors tags- called Schoepp- no sale was made for this car.

  • Asked for the cheapest Rolex

  • Decided to purchase in less than 30 seconds

  • Said he would like to pay with his a debit card- I informed him he would have to contact his bank to see what his daily limit was

  • He called the number on the back of the card and proceeded to have a short conversation to let them know he was making a large purchase, and even asked the exact amount and repeated to the person on the other end of his phone call.

  • He then presented a card and I asked for his DL.

  • The DL was not a DL but a WI ID (some one else must have been in the car but we couldn't see- it was dark)

  • The “debit” card had no chip AND stated it was a pre loaded card.

  • I had Megan make a copy of both and asked to have them scanned also.

  • I informed him our policy for pre loaded cards and or no chip, there is a 72 hour wait period before he can take his watch.

  • He expressed he just loaded the card and that it would work. Also said he had same trouble buying a car but finally got it.

  • My suggestion was that he go get cash and come back.

  • He said he had to go all the way to the East side- I told him he would make it.

  • He asked when we closed.

  • I gave him my card and circled the phone # so he could call when he was on his way back.

  • Again he asked why he couldn't use his card and I stated it was not in my hands, but policy.

  • He then tried to pull the race card and I shut him down, flat, shook his hand and walked him out.

Looked him up after he left and on WI Circuit Court Systems. It appears there is a warrant for his arrest issued 12-8-17 for theft- movable property.

He presented a WI ID- not a DL

DOB 1/22/1990 | Black Male | hgt 5'10"

Warren Williams

3027 Union St | Madison, WI 53714

the card he tried to use: Green dot load and go debit card

PS- He never came back but got TQ Diamonds, $4K and University Coin and Jewelry and purchased a car from Capital City Auto

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