Fischler Diamonds


Fischler Diamonds, a diamond cutting company founded in 1952 by the late Bram, and his two cousins, Aby and Cappi Fischler. Bram’s son, Serge, now runs the business where they have locations in Antwerp, Santiago, Hong Kong and New York. They specialize in finely-cut loose diamonds ranging from 14 points to 5 cts.

Fischler Diamonds operates on the principle of Integrity, Honesty, Hard Work and Value. They supply their clients with a full history of the diamond they purchase and offer an easy to use earring and solitaire program along with their new program “exchange and trade up”. They offer clients superior service, expertise, correct grading, honest answers, sales support and a work ethic that is second to none in the industry.

Asked what one of the biggest challenges in business today is, Serge responded with misrepresentation of diamond qualities. However, Fischler Diamonds is optimistic and as the landscape continues to change, they look at it as opportunities to promote ideas for their retail clientele, increase their diamond sales and profitability and give them the opportunity to brand themselves. They constantly strive to better themselves through increased efficiencies, optimized quality controls, on-and-off site training, IT upgrades and more. Their extensive and precise assortments, supported by their expert sorters and quality control systems helps their customers to secure an optimized and competitive supply.

Today Fischler Diamonds is an approved vendor of RJO, IJO, World Federation of Diamond Bourses as well as being a member of DMIA, JVC, JBT, RJC and now the Midwest Jewelers Association. They are also a member of an exclusive group that receives a monthly allocation of rough diamonds from ALROSA.

Serge lives in New York, has 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and has as much passion for the diamond business as when he started 45 years ago! For your diamond needs, contact Serge at or 212-921-8196.